General Information

This service provides an accessible and personalised support service to respiratory patients and their families/carers.

The Respiratory Nurse Specialist aims to ensure that the specialized respiratory knowledge and skills that are available are utilized, to facilitate provision of a quality and seamless patient-focused service that enhances the health status of the people she serves.

Activities include:

Clinical focus

Provide individualised assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of care given to respiratory patients and their families.


Education is a key component of patient consultations. We offer written and verbal advice and devise self–help management plans, in collaboration with our patients, empowering them to maximise their health.

This service also acts as resource/advisor to Medical and Nursing staff, Practise Nurses, Public Health Nurses, and Nursing Homes to ensure latest evidence-based respiratory practise.

Patient advocate

Advocate for individual and patient groups on:

  • clinical matters
  • service provision
  • Accessing other services
  • Empowering patients to be self-advocates


This is an important component of our work, as this process enables us to measure performance and patient outcomes, thereby improving the service we provide to our patients.