General Information

The Department of Physiotherapy is staffed by Chartered Physiotherapists providing treatment for both in-patient and out-patients, ensuring that patients safely achieve their maximum potential in the shortest possible time.

Physiotherapy achieves this through assessment followed by individualised treatment using electrotherapy modalities, manual techniques, exercise programmes and patient/carer education.

Location of the Physiotherapy Department

The Department is located on the ground floor of the main hospital.

Access to the Physiotherapy Department

Out-Patient Physiotherapy is available only to patients with referrals from St. John’s Hospital Doctors. Patients who are referred by these doctors to other hospitals for specialist consultations are also accepted back for physiotherapy. All patients requiring physiotherapy must have a referral letter/form from the referring doctor. Due to the demand for the physiotherapy service exceeding the capacity of this facility to provide it, there is a waiting list. Patients will be placed on this waiting list on receipt of the appropriate referral letter.

Charges for Services

There is no charge for physiotherapy services in this department regardless of the patients ability to pay.

Contact Details

Physiotherapy Manager – Martina Ryan on (061) 462118 (24 hour voice mail in operation)