The Hospital Health Promotion service aims to develop and implement projects that positively promote health and well-being within the Hospital and the wider community. The service provides a supportive informational resource for staff, patients and community members to assist them in their quest to gain better overall health.

The Health Promotion Co-ordinator staffs the health promotion department within the hospital and can be contacted on: 061 462275.

The main functions of the Health Promotion Service are to:

  1. Provide a Smoking Cessation Service, which aims to help inpatients, outpatients, staff and community members through the process of making an attempt to quit smoking. The service involves providing client-centred advice and support in both verbal and written form to encourage people to make and maintain a lifestyle change that will improve their health. This service can be accessed by direct self-referral, through local G.P.’s, hospital staff or via the Mid-West Regional lo-call telephone number (1850 201 058).
  2. Promote better health for all patients, staff and community members that access the hospital service by creating awareness of the prevention of ill health and education on how to maintain good healthy practices. This is promoted by providing health promotional literature and educating people though organised talks and use of other media, such as the in-house patient education channel and display boards. Hospital wide health promotional policies are developed such as; the Policy on Smoking, these policies assist in the integration of health promotion practices within the organisation.

The Health Promotion Co-ordinator is also responsible for the co-ordination of Basic Life Support Training within the hospital.