General Information

The Diabetes Nurse Specialist plays a pivotal role within the multidisciplinary care team i.e. Medical personnel (can include Ophthmalogists, Nephrologists. Vascular surgeon and Cardiologist) Nursing staff, Dietician and Chiropodist. The team aims to deliver effective patient education using a patient centred approach.

The Diabetes Nurse Specialist aims to provide education to diabetes patients and their careers enabling the patient to gain necessary knowledge and skill to manage their diabetes and enable them to learn to live a full active and healthy life.

The Diabetes Nurse Specialist service includes:

Clinical Focus

  • To organise and provide assessment, planning and implementation of care for diabetes patients and their significant others.
  • To act as an advocate for patients on clinical matters, service provision and empowering patients to become self dependent.
  • To act as a resource person for diabetes patients and careers
  • A telephone advice service is available for ongoing assistance and help.


  • Education is a vital component of diabetes care.
  • Education is provided verbally, written information, audio visual and devices are also provided.
  • Education is tailored to suit the patient individual needs realistic educational and treatment goals are set in collaboration with the patient and their career
  • Education is also provided to Medical and Nursing staff on an ongoing basis both structured and non-structured as the needs arises.
  • The service liaises with General Practitioners, Practices Nurses, Public health nurses, Nursing home and community groups acting as an advisor and educator.
  • Education is delivered using an evidence based practice approach with up to date research.

Audit and Research

  • This is a vital component of the service to ensure the service is evidence based and aims to improve the standard of care provided.
  • The effectiveness of the service is evaluated and its performance measured on an on-going basis thereby improving patient outcomes

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