St. John’s is an acute General Public Voluntary Hospital, funded by the Health Service Executive.

St. John’s Hospital is a registered Charity under the Charities Acts and is administered and managed in accordance with a Scheme of Management approved by Order of the High Court. The current Scheme of Management was approved in 1989. The property is vested in Trustees.

The Hospital has a total of 99 beds – 89 In-Patient beds and 10 Day Care beds. The In-Patient specialties are General Medicine, General Surgery and Gynaecology. We also have an Urgent Care Centre incorporating a Local Injuries Unit and Medical Assessment Unit.

Other services include:

  • Consultant Out-Patient Clinics
  • Diagnostic Radiological and Laboratory services
  • Day Surgery
  • Clinical Nurse Specialists in the areas of Diabetes, Continence Management, Respiratory Care, Health Promotion, Infection Control, Palliative Care and Pain Management
  • A dietetic service providing nutritional assessment, dietary advice, education and evaluation
  • Physiotherapy and Pharmacy services
  • Chaplaincy Service