Discharge Planning

Your discharge from the Hospital will be planned and discussed in advance with you and your family. You will normally be given advance notice of discharge, but on occasions, it may only be possible to notify you on the day of discharge. Patients are normally required to vacate beds before 12 mid-day.

If necessary, we will arrange for community care services which you may require after discharge.

When you know the date and time of your discharge, please inform relatives in advance to arrange transport home. Please ensure that all your personal belongings are collected, especially items that may have been handed over for safe-keeping.

If you are not going back to your own home directly following discharge, please leave a forwarding address. This will allow hospital staff to send on any mail.

Prescriptions for medications

Prescriptions for medications will be given to you prior to discharge. If you have any questions about your medication, our Pharmacists will be happy to answer them. It is important for your recovery that you are familiar with your medication and take them exactly as prescribed.

Discharge Summary

Your General Practitioner will receive a discharge summary for you after you leave the hospital.

Referral for further treatment/follow-up

If you require further treatment/follow-up at a hospital providing services not available in St. John’s, an appointment will be arranged for you. Please check with ward staff that such arrangements will be put in place.

Follow-up appointment

Patients requiring follow-up in the Medical Assessment Unit or Out-Patient Clinics will be sent an appointment. Private patients requiring follow-up at a Consultant’s Rooms will be asked to contact the Consultant’s Secretary to make an appointment.