The Management and Staff welcome you to St. John’s Hospital. St. John’s has a long tradition of delivering a quality service. We trust your stay with us will be as comfortable and pleasant as possible and we wish you a complete and speedy recovery.

This page contains the following information:


If you have received a provisional admission date, you should phone the Admissions Officer on 061–462104 after 10.00 a.m. on the morning of admission to check that there is a bed available. As we assist University Hospital Limerick Accident & Emergency service, this sometimes means that beds allocated for non-emergency treatment have to be given to emergency admissions. Bed cancellations are therefore unavoidable and unpredictable. In the event of your admission being cancelled, you will be given a new provisional admission date.

If your bed is confirmed, you will be required to check in at 2.00 pm, unless otherwise informed. On arrival you should go to the Reception desk in the main entrance hall, where you will be directed to the Admissions Office for registration

Sometimes patients on a waiting list may receive short notice of an offer of admission. In such circumstances, you will receive a telephone call in the morning with an offer of a bed for that afternoon.

Admission to Ward

The ward routine will be explained to you and you will be shown where the ward facilities are. You will be provided with an identity wrist bracelet which shows your name, hospital number and the name of your Consultant. It is important that you do not remove this bracelet whilst you are in the Hospital. If you wish to leave the ward at any time, please inform the Ward Manager beforehand. Staff categories can be identified by their uniforms, details of which are displayed in each ward. All staff wear I.D. badges.

What to Bring With You

  • Your Doctor’s referral letter
  • ALL the medications you use, including herbal medicines
  • Personal items – night clothes, dressing gown, slippers and toiletries
  • Medical Card / Health Insurance details
  • Other items you might need such as spectacles, walking stick, hearing aid etc.

Pharmacy Information

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Accommodation and Charges

The medical and nursing needs of patients dictate the allocation of beds. You may not be accommodated in your requested accommodation type for the full duration of your hospital stay. You will only be asked to move if required in the interest of patient care. If you are admitted as an emergency, you will be accommodated in whatever bed is available until the requested type of bed becomes available. If there is a bed crisis, you may have to be accommodated in a mixed gender ward for a short period, but this will only happen as a last resort.

If you choose to be a Public In-Patient

  • You are required to avail of public accommodation
  • You are not the private patient of any Consultant and do not have to pay Consultant Fees
  • You are liable for the Hospital In-Patient Charge unless you are in an exempt category, (see hereunder). The rates effective from 1st January 2017 are €80.00 per day and €800.00 maximum in any twelve-month period.

If you choose to be a Private In-Patient

  • You are required to avail of private or semi-private accommodation and the following daily maintenance charges apply, effective from 1st January 2017:
    • Private: € 800.00
    • Semi-Private: € 659.00
    • Day Case: € 329.00
  • You are the private patient of your own Consultant and all other Consultants involved in your care (e.g. Radiologist, Pathologist, Anaesthetist) and are liable for Consultant fees.
  • You are liable for the Hospital In-Patient Charge (see above), unless you are in an exempt category, (see hereunder).

If you are a private patient please contact your health care provider prior to your admission to St John’s Hospital to establish what accommodation type you are covered for. You will be asked for this information on the morning of your admission along with your insurance details. If you have a GMS medical card please bring this with you also.

Exemptions from In-Patient Charges

  • Medical Card holders and their dependents
  • Women receiving services in respect of motherhood
  • Children suffering from prescribed diseases and disabilities
  • Children referred for treatment from child health clinics and school board examinations
  • Persons receiving services in respect of prescribed infectious diseases
  • Persons receiving services provided in accordance with E.U. regulations
  • Current members of the Defence Forces and their dependents

We have a direct payment system in place with VHI, Quinn Healthcare and Hibernian AVIVA Health.

Valuables and Money

For security reasons, please do not bring jewellery, valuables or large sums of money with you to Hospital. You will need only a small amount for newspapers and telephone.

Where this is unavoidable, please inform the Ward Manager/Nurse, who will arrange for safekeeping. Any valuables handed over for safekeeping will be listed and you will be asked to sign confirming that the listing is correct.

The Hospital is not responsible for any personal property not handed up for safekeeping.

St. John’s Hospital will not be responsible for damage to, theft of, or loss of personal items.