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Finding Out About Your Illness

If you wish to enquire about your condition, treatment or medicines, please ask any of the Nurses on the ward or any of the Doctors who are treating you. We will involve you as far as is practicable in making informed choices and decisions about your care and treatment.

Nursing Care

Personalised nursing is provided by a professional and experienced team of registered nurses. Healthcare Assistants and Student Nurses also form part of the nursing team. Specialist nursing advice and support is available on the request of your Consultant or Ward Manager.

You will have a Nurse Call (Call Bell) system at your bedside, which will alert staff if you need attention. The Call Bell can be operated by pressing the bell. Call bells are also located in the bathrooms. Please call for assistance when you feel you need it.

There may be occasions where visiting by children is not suitable and the Ward Manager will advise you accordingly.


While we strive to ensure that our services are delivered to the highest possible standards, there may be times when you are not happy with some aspect of the service provided – please bring this to our notice. If you have cause to complain about your treatment, you should speak to a member of staff who is involved in your care e.g. Doctor or Nurse. In many cases, your problem will be resolved right away.

Hospital Policy on Patients Complaints

It is Hospital Policy to ensure that all complaints are dealt with in a prompt, courteous, fair and positive manner. A complaint may be verbal or written and the Hospital has a standard complaint form for this purpose, a copy of which may be had on request in each department and at Reception.

Making a Complaint

A person wishing to make a complaint, may do so to any member of staff who will record the details and pass them to the relevant department head for investigation and follow up. The nominated Complaints Officer for each Department is the Department Head. A person may forward a complaint directly to Hospital Administration, if (s)he wishes to do so.

Any staff member who is the subject of a complaint will not be involved in investigating that complaint.

A complainant will receive a written or verbal response within 14 working days, unless the urgency attaching to the matter requires an earlier response. Where a person who makes a complaint is not satisfied with the response, the person will be advised of their right to appeal to the Hospital Chief Executive.

Consent to Treatment

It is important that you understand the nature of any treatment which is to be carried out. This will be explained to you by the Doctor or Nurse. You will be required to give written consent for examination/operation under general or local anaesthetic. It is important to ask the Doctor about anything you do not understand before you sign the Consent Form.

Parents or guardians must sign on behalf of children under 16 years.


All information concerning your treatment/condition will be strictly confidential to the staff involved in your care and will not be given to anyone outside the Hospital except your own Doctor and your nominated next of kin/relative/ other. If you wish to have a particular relative or friend kept informed about your progress, please let the Ward Manager know.

Medical Records

Your medical record contains the history of your illness, care and treatment and includes all correspondence in relation to your medical care together with results of tests carried out. The confidentiality of your medical records is governed by Hospital policies and legislation such as the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts.

Information we record may be used for a number of reasons not directly associated with your care. Some of the uses involve passing of information to other agencies. Many of the uses do not require you to be identified and wherever possible, you name and address will be removed. The following are examples:

We are required by law to inform the local Registrar’s Office about births or deaths.

To help protect the health of the general public by notification of certain infectious diseases

To carry out clinical audit which will assist in assessing health trends for future patient treatment.


Any medicines that you need will be provided by the Hospital for the duration of your stay. If you bring any medicines with you from home, please give them to the Nursing staff. When in Hospital, do not take any other medicines without the knowledge of your Doctor, Nurse or Pharmacist. Also, please inform your Doctor of Nurse if you are taking herbal preparations or any natural remedy. Our Pharmacists will be happy to answer your questions and give you information/advice about your medicines. The Hospital Pharmacist will visit your ward on a Monday to Friday basis. An information brochure is available from the Hospital Pharmacist.

Fire Safety

The Hospital has a Fire Plan. Staff members are instructed in fire safety. Fire instructions are displayed on each corridor. If you suspect a fire has occurred, please notify a member of staff immediately. Fire exits are clearly marked. If you are unsure where they are, ask a member of staff. In the event of a fire, please stay calm and co-operate with the instruction of staff. If you are bed bound, do not try to get out of bed. Staff will tell you if you have to be moved and will take you to a safe place very quickly.

Hospital Cleanliness/Hygiene

If you are unhappy with any aspect of our cleaning service, please inform a member of staff who will ensure that the problem is addressed immediately.

Special Needs

Our staff are conscious of and highly committed to addressing the special needs of our patients. It may be that you have a mobility, communication, visual, hearing or language difficulty. If you have a special need, please make it known to your Ward Manager.